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see cordagecordage
, collective name for rope and other flexible lines. It is used for such purposes as wrapping, hauling, lifting, and power transmission. Early man used strips of hide, animal hair, and plant materials.
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a twisted or spun yarn used to tie up small packages and sew soft containers, such as bags, in industry, agriculture, and trade. Twines are classified primarily by length-to-weight ratio (thickness), which lies in the range 800–8,500 tex, and by the material from which the twine is made, such as bast fiber, paper, and polypropylene. Twine is manufactured with a single-, double-, triple-, or six-thread structure. Some twines may be polished.


A strong string made up of two or more strands twisted together.


string made by twisting together fibres of hemp, cotton, etc.
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The areas where people floated ban into air by flying kites with metal twines included Banni, Sadiqabad, Waris Khan, Committee Chowk, Glass Factory, Dhoke Elahi Bux, Kohati Bazaar, Raja Bazaar, Bhabra Bazaar, Purana Qila, Ganjmandi, Gawalmandi, Saddar, Kashmir Road, Mohan Pura, City Saddar Road, Arya Mohala, Commercial Market, 6th Road, 7th Road, Dhoke Khabba, Amar Pura, Chah Sultan, Shakrial, Kuri Road, Muslim Town, Trolley Adda, Khana, Dhoke Kala Khan, Double Road, Faizabad, IJ Principal Road, Pirwadhai, Fauji Colony, Dhoke Mangtal, Dhoke Ratta, Railway Carriage Factory, Habib Colony, Westridge, Naseerabad, Misrial Road, Chakra, Peshawar Road, Adiala Road, Morgah, Tulsa, Dheri Hassanabad, Lalazar and many other areas.
As part of the acquisition, the Twine Health team will join Fitbit as part of its health solutions group.
Going down length of roast, wrap twine over and under each cross loop, pulling it snug.
This kind of designing strengthens the security of the TWINE against the DFA attack.
Here's a snapshot of what could be the future of sisal twine production in rural Kenya.
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“Baling twine has become a thing of the past at our yard,” Mr French and Ms Roberts added.
The single tie knotter on the QUADRANT 3300RC baler is designed to take tension off the twine as it ties the knot to avoid twine fractures and to produce perfect, high-strength knots without twine residue.
Tie the tree to the stake using at least two ties with soft jute twine. The first tie should be placed at one-third the height of the tree, and the second at two-thirds the height of the tree.