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The lattices of twin and parent are symmetrically oriented across a symmetry plane called the twinning plane. The several ways that this symmetry can be attained will be discussed in the next section.
"Twins form as the result of the shear-stress component of an applied stress which is parallel to the twinning plane and lies in the twinning direction n1.
This diagram assumed that the twin interface is exactly parallel to the twinning plane K1.
A twin boundary that parallels the twinning plane is said to be a coherent boundary.
Note that the twinning direction and twinning plane (010) are showed by the coordinate of B2 phase.
Since the formation of the twinned substructure requires that the twinning plane is situated parallel to the growth found, the crystal growth in the crystallographic directions other than <111> leads to almost complete disappearance of the twinned substructure.
According to the micro-diffraction pattern, the twinning planes of the condensates are normal to the direction of crystal growth, i.e., atomic planes {111}.
It also has four symmetry planes that are parallel to the fourfold axis, yet it has no (001) Manebach twinning plane. In this case, this plane is contracted to a line identical to the fourfold axis.
Twinned crystals with a (0001) twinning plane are very common.
This is clearly visible on the striated Manebach twin faces whose junctions make a visible twinning suture along their (010) twinning planes. This is also the direction of the fourling cleavage.
Two (001) Manebach twinning planes intersect the fourling parallel to its common a-axis, and these two planes, the (001) and (010), are at the same time two out of the four planes of fourling symmetry.
The angles between the (111) twinning planes (arccos (1/3) [approximately equal to] 70.53[degrees]) in cubic crystals are sufficiently close to 72[degrees] that five wedge shaped periodic cubic crystal can fill space with some easily detected strain or extra material to fill the missing 7.36[degrees].