twisted pair

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twisted pair

[′twis·təd ′per]
A cable composed of two small insulated conductors twisted together without a common covering. Also known as copper pair.
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twisted pair

twisted pair
Two insulated electrical conductors, twisted together without a common covering.
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twisted pair

A type of cable in which pairs of conductors are twisted together to randomise possible cross-talk from nearby wiring. Inadequate twisting is detectable using modern cable testing instruments.
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twisted pair

A thin-diameter wire (22 to 26 gauge) commonly used for telephone and network cabling. The wires are twisted around each other to minimize interference from other twisted pairs in the cable. Alexander Graham Bell invented this and was awarded a patent in 1881. Twisted pairs support less bandwidth than coaxial cable or optical fiber.

Unshielded (UTP) and Shielded (STP)
Twisted pair cables are available unshielded (UTP) or shielded (STP), with UTP being the most common. Shielded twisted pair (STP) is used in noisy environments and protects against electromagnetic interference.

Stranded and Solid
Both UTP and STP come in stranded and solid wire varieties. Stranded is the most common and also very flexible for bending around corners. Solid wire has less attenuation and spans longer distances but is less flexible.

Shielded and Unshielded Twisted Pairs
ScTP (screened twisted pair), also called "foil twisted pair" (FTP), uses one overall shield for more protection than UTP but not as much as STP, which has shields around each wire pair. For an actual example of STP vs. UTP, see cable categories.

   Cable      Band-      Data#  Type       Width      Rate

 1  UTP       Analog voice
 2  UTP                 1 Mbps

 3  UTP/STP   16 MHz,   4 Mbps
 4  UTP/STP   20 MHz,  16 Mbps
 5  UTP/STP  100 MHz, 100 Mbps
 5e UTP/STP  100 MHz,   1 Gbps
 6  UTP/STP  200 MHz,  10 Gbps (<10 m)
 6a UTP/STP  500 MHz,  10 Gbps (>10 m)

 7  STP      600 MHz   10 Gbps
 7a STP     1000 MHz   40 Gbps (<15 m)

The Real Twisted Pair
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Development of cables for structured cabling systems based on twisted pairs for shipbuilding is carried out in two main directions: increasing the fire safety of cables and increasing the long-term permissible operating temperature by using new, more heat-resistant, electrical insulating materials.
* Available in 24 AWG, 2 or 4 twisted pairs with color coded high density polyethylene insulation
Stranded: In stranded cable, inside has twisted pairs of stranded cables, with each individual conductor made of a bundle of small gauge wire strands.
While 100 Mbp/s ultra-broadband access can be made available relatively quickly by utilizing legacy copper-line resources, using DSL technology to provide 1,000 Mbp/s bandwidths within 100 meters of twisted pairs is much more complex.
The systems use twisted-pair technology (cable that uses small twisted pairs of wires in a common jacket) to transmit signals and provide network connectivity for web-based asset management, monitoring, and control The units provide the materials needed for proper setup and operation, ranging from speakers and mounting hardware and cabling to switches and system control Users provide the rest: video projector, screen or flat panel display, etc.
A rear-panel output delivers clocks at RS-485 and LVDS levels over twisted pairs. $2,490.
Spectorbus comprises repackaged versions of Gestra's level probes connected with two twisted pairs of wires to which all other devices are attached.
"Fiber is often used in the backbone of a system, typically between floors or buildings, while shielded or unshielded twisted pairs are used in the horizontal cabling," he says
The single driver limitation requires two twisted pairs for bi-directional communications.
Incorrect Cable Type: Using cable that meets SCSI specifications for impedance, twisted pairs and shielding is critical.
Custom fabricated with coax, twisted pairs, power conductors, and other components, this highly flexible cable has a low coefficient of friction.