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In the United States, a colloquial term for tornado.
(solid-state physics)
A piezoelectric crystal that generates a voltage when twisted.



a machine in textile production for manufacturing twisted threads, twine, cord, string, and so forth. The basic operating part of traditional twisters is the spindle, which, in spinning, gives a twist to the thread and carries the package with the thread to be twisted. Also used for making twisted thread are spinner-twisters, which combine four production operations (spinning, doubling, twisting, and winding the thread on the bobbin).

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A month later another twister tore through south Birmingham and 20 people were injured.
We didn't want Twister to have any contact with the bat at all.
The public loved it and that year Milton Bradley could not make enough Twister sets, selling more than three million and immediately launching the game across the Atlantic to a willing British public.
He also jokes about his wife's impression of the on-farm vehicle, saying, "She gets a kick out of the Twister and that there is even a place for the cell phone.
Brooks suggests that the exact probabilities of being hit by a twister in extremely low-risk areas such as Nevada should be taken with a grain of salt.
The primary concern of tornado researchers and storm chasers is to save lives by providing better warning systems in advance of twisters.
For the first three-quarters of Twister, Helen Hunt is a strong, independent woman, and an equal in the storm-chasing department to Bill Paxton, but it's still up to Paxton to save her life at the end with the plan to strap themselves to a metal pipe.
On each Twister video, Warner will offer a coupon good for $2 toward the purchase of the studio's video title Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Directed by Jan De Bont, who also made Keanu Reeve's movie Speed, Twister - which took pounds 40 million in its first week in the U.
Tropicana, maker of the highly successful Twister line, as well as orange, apple and grapefruit juice, recently expanded its offerings with the introduction of three fruit-flavored iced teas.