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1. a sudden muscular spasm, esp one caused by a nervous condition
2. a loop of cord used to control a horse by drawing it tight about its upper lip
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(1) A live video gaming site from Twitch allows spectators to watch the game being played in real time for fun or competition. Gaming developers can use the Twitch programming interface (API) to integrate Twitch functions into their games, and they can monetize their skill via ads, subscriptions and gaming tips.

Introduced in 2011, Twitch was a spin-off from the streaming platform that was acquired by Amazon in 2014. For more information, visit See e-sports.

(2) (twitch) A category of video games that requires players to make sudden moves to hit a target or to avoid being destroyed or captured. Early video games and many current games use twitch game play; however, more sophisticated games require strategy as well as quick reflexes.
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In my politeness, I would have stopped; but, Miss Havisham twitched my shoulder, and we posted on - with a shame-faced consciousness on my part that they would think it was all my doing.
Amazon's Twitch just launched Twitch Studio, the streaming service's first broadcasting software, the Verge's Bijan Stephen reports.
Summary: California [USA], Aug 9 (ANI): Live streaming platform Twitch has rolled out an all-in-one streaming app, Twitch Studio that allows new creators to make content easily., Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Twitch streaming platform may have some competition.
Fortnite superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has left Twitch and is taking his video game live streams to Microsoft's Mixer platform, a stunning switch that could have wide-ranging consequences for the rapidly growing industry.
Walker Jacobs: The ad product and engineering teams at Twitch are some of the most talented I have ever worked with, and they are quick to adapt.
Twitch Prime is going big for Prime Day 2019 with free content giveaways for video games and sports tiles from EA studios
You've noticed that muscles occasionally twitch, you're stressed out and are eating sporadically, very often junk food.
In contrast, 10-15 min of local vibration of the biceps brachii and quadriceps femoris muscles were ineffective to improve maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) force, rate of force development and/or electrically evoked muscle twitch peak torque in trained males (Cochrane, 2016a; Souron et al., 2019).
Alphabet's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google once mulled a takeover of Twitch, the largest video game streaming platform in America.
Twitch is owned by Amazon and since the global giants bought Twitch in 2014 the platform has grown astronomically with people like Harry Kane, Dele Ali and other world superstars joining streamers to help promote games and the platform.
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