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1. a sudden muscular spasm, esp one caused by a nervous condition
2. a loop of cord used to control a horse by drawing it tight about its upper lip


(1) A live video gaming site from Twitch allows spectators to watch the game being played in real time for fun or competition. Gaming developers can use the Twitch programming interface (API) to integrate Twitch functions into their games, and they can monetize their skill via ads, subscriptions and gaming tips.

Introduced in 2011, Twitch was a spin-off from the streaming platform that was acquired by Amazon in 2014. For more information, visit See e-sports.

(2) (twitch) A category of video games that requires players to make sudden moves to hit a target or to avoid being destroyed or captured. Early video games and many current games use twitch game play; however, more sophisticated games require strategy as well as quick reflexes.
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Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey said Google might have been a better fit for Twitch.
Deal will make Twitch available on both Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PS4, enabling garners to live stream, share and chat about their playing experiences to others on the devices.
The researchers used a gene switch known as estrogen-related receptor gamma (ERR gamma) that when activated in fast twitch fibers of mice by genetic engineering, converts these fibers into slow twitch fibers.
2 : a short sudden pull or jerk <Charlotte gave her web a twitch and moodily watched it sway.
To gain speed and strength with the same coordination, the player has to develop his fast-twitch muscles more (60-70%) than he does the slow twitch (about 30%).
It's unclear why Twitch lifted its ban on Gross Gore, especially considering how strict the streaming platform has been on "indecent" content over the past year.
Twitch, leading game broadcasting site, has entered into a pact to purchase GoodGame, a company it describes as "the world's first full-service agency dedicated to the esports and live video game broadcasting communities.
Q My new partner says that my legs twitch constantly while I'm asleep.
Amazon's (AMZN) gaming streaming service Twitch had an average viewership of 962,000 people in January putting it on par with the likes of Comcast's (CMCSA, CMCSK) MSNBC, Time Warner's (TWX) CNN, Fox News (FOX, FOXA) and Disney's (DIS) ESPN, Business Insider reports.
A number of Twitch streamers and moderators including popular personalities who play "League of Legends" are believed to have been hacked over the weekend, resulting in a number of crude and in some cases explicit content being shared across streams.