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1. a sudden muscular spasm, esp one caused by a nervous condition
2. a loop of cord used to control a horse by drawing it tight about its upper lip


(1) A live video gaming site from Twitch allows spectators to watch the game being played in real time for fun or competition. Gaming developers can use the Twitch programming interface (API) to integrate Twitch functions into their games, and they can monetize their skill via ads, subscriptions and gaming tips.

Introduced in 2011, Twitch was a spin-off from the streaming platform that was acquired by Amazon in 2014. For more information, visit See e-sports.

(2) (twitch) A category of video games that requires players to make sudden moves to hit a target or to avoid being destroyed or captured. Early video games and many current games use twitch game play; however, more sophisticated games require strategy as well as quick reflexes.
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The bodies of the two twitching gunmen stopped twitching - there was no other reaction from the bodies.
A seizure in the brain's motor strip, which controls the body's motion, could set off one finger twitching.
Aston claimed his platoon sergeant, Paul Kelly, approached the ditch and tried to fire at one of the twitching men but his weapon did not work.
For example, many dialysis patients are constantly jarred from sleep by brief episodes of interrupted breathing, called sleep apnea, and involuntary muscle twitching.
Fibromyalgia, where muscle twitching is related to tender points within the muscle that seem to irritate nearby nerves.
A Eye twitching is usually caused by stress and tension.
The result is said to be a pleasant, pulsing sensation, similar to the twitching of an eyelid.
Symptoms: 6You''ve noticed that one of your eyelids (it''s rarely both of them) keeps twitching, you''re stressed out at work and you''re losing a lot of sleep.
Their noses are always irritated, but in most cases they are twitching to detect the faintest odour that might mean danger.