two-party system

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two-party system

a political system (found in e.g. the UK or the USA) in which the electoral contest is dominated by two main parties. Generally one party is ‘left wing’, and the other ‘right wing’, but not always (e.g. the Republic of Ireland). An elective system based on single-member constituencies and first-past-the-post elections usually underlies this. The existence of such systems would also appear to depend on the elimination of social and political divisions (e.g. religious or ethnic) which might cross cut those based on class interest. See also CLASS CLEAVAGE, STABLE DEMOCRACY.
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Two-Party System


a commonly accepted definition of the political system of a number of bourgeois states, in which the two leading parties in the country periodically alternate in running the government, thus serving the interests of the ruling class.

The two-party system is found in the USA (the Republican and Democratic parties), Great Britain (the Conservative Party and at first the Liberal Party, whose place was taken by the Labor Party in the 1920’s), Canada (the Liberal and the Progressive Conservative parties), and certain other countries. During election campaigns the two parties usually stage political fights without any substance. The monopoly bourgeoisie controls and directs the activity of the two parties through the official party machinery (also through bosses in the USA) and through immense financial support. (The cost of presidential campaigns in the USA reached several hundred million dollars in the 1960’s.) The two-party system does not exclude the existence of other parties. However, for a variety of reasons the other parties usually do not play a major political role. The ruling classes use the two-party system to prevent the formation of a large third party that could become a genuine spokesman of the interests of the popular masses. While the two parties have identical positions on the major questions of the government’s domestic and foreign policy, they differ somewhat in political tactics and the methods and techniques the leaders and functionaries use to attain victory over their opponents.


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'In the old days, under the two-party system before martial law, there were no unopposed candidates at all,' Atienza said.
" It was only after the Japanese occupation and the granting of independence that an effective two-party system the Liberal Party (LP) and the Nacionalista Party (NP) was developed.
This day El Salvador destroyed the two-party system," Bukele told hundreds of Salvadorans who danced, waved flags and blew whistles in a San Salvador plaza that Bukele revitalized when he was mayor from 2015 to 2018.
I will run as a centrist independent outside the two-party system," Schultz said on Sunday on CBS' "60 Minutes".
Had the two-party system existed until today the entire senatorial slate of the PDP-Laban would have the full endorsement of the President.
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In Mississippi, one of the big efforts in the post-war years was establishing for the sake of diversity and patriotic argument a real two-party system. For all practical purposes, Mississippi had been a one-party Democratic state since the end of the Civil War.
This book assesses the controversies and impact of a 1950 report called Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System. The study seeks to understand why the report, which originated from the American Political Science AssociationAEs Committee on Political Parties, was critical of the American political party system and why the report itself was criticized by many scholars.
There is a perception that once in power the parties forget their idealistic principles and lessons learnt through suffering and instead opt for realpolitik Thing have become further complicated because after the emergence of the PTI as an alternative to the family based politics of the PPP and PML-N we no more have a two-party system in the country.
It's time for a common sense candidate who isn't beholden to the broken two-party system.
It is on this principles that the party is built and to ensure that there is transparency in all the electoral processes of the party, it would be built on the Option A4 for transparency, which worked during the military era of General Ibrahim Babangida when the country practiced a two-party system which produced the widely acclaimed free and fair general elections that produced late Chief MoshoodAbiolaas elected President of Nigeria cutting across ethno-religious barriers for the first time in the history of the country.