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1. an old-time dance in duple time
2. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of such a dance



a ballroom dance that originated in the USA in the early 20th century. The two-step became popular in Europe in the 1920’s. It is in 2/4 time. The main movements are two fast steps on the first beat of the measure and one slow step on the second.

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The two-step verification feature involves the use of a custom-generated six-digit passcode.
Tapping on Two-step verification asks the user to enable the feature.
To turn it on, log into My Apple ID, click Passwords and Security, and navigate to Enable two-step verification.
But Democratic Party leaders in Texas wanted to keep the two-step because they say it encourages voter engagement.
As we would expect, schools serving disadvantaged students are ranked higher by the two-step approach than in either of the other models.
Apple first rolled out two-step verification for individual iTunes and iCloud accounts last year after its security practices came under fire following an incident when then-Wired reporter Mat Honan's phone was hacked.
In the two-step, the first step gets you moving and establishes your rhythm.
Through a joint effort involving both technical validation and cost modelling, Total, Husky and Sidel have demonstrated that a two-step HDPE ISBM solution can deliver cost efficiency and product differentiation to the packaging industry.
Two ticket-holders will be chosen to win rare memorabilia autographed by Aztec Two-Step
You've probably seen these general sentiments expressed here before, but it may help to enunciate them as the Two-Step.
The two-step modeling approach had a lower RI than did the global approach in almost 80% of the aerobic cases.
The two-step acquisition will be effected by means of a front-end, cash tender offer by a wholly owned subsidiary of Plethico for all of the outstanding shares of Natrol's common stock, at $4.