type II portland cement

modified portland cement, type II portland cement

A cement used in general construction where moderate heat of hydration is required.
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The mixture proportions per cu yd consisted of 752 lb of Type II portland cement, 2,300 lb of fine sand, and 302 gal of water.
The RMC Research and Education Foundation-funded testing spanned three phases involving evaluation of concrete mixtures designed with Type II portland cement, slag cement and Class F fly ash.
"Using what would be considered a normal amount of water, the fineness of the Type II portland cement and boron carbide powder drove a dosage of 300 ounces per hundred weight of cement of Sika Viscocrete 2100 polycarboxylate.
This belite content is much higher than in Type I or Type II portland cements, which are the most commonly used among the ASTM C150 products.
"Type I and Type II portland cements comprise both dicalcium and tricalcium silicates," explains CoolCure developer and Silicone Solutions President David Brassard, who is commercializing the admixture through a subsidiary, New Technology Solutions LLC.