type III cement

high-early-strength cement, extra-rapid-hardening cement, type III cement

Cement producing earlier strength in mortar or concrete than regular cement.
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The results showed that the 3-years-since-tree-death fibers from small logs (diameter < 11 inches) with type III cement and calcium chloride (Ca[Cl.sub.2]) as the additive would be the best formulation.
As type III cement has the characteristics of finer particles, shorter reaction time, and improved early strength, these results can be expected.
The patches were constructed mainly with Type III cement, four types of coarse aggregate, and three types of fine aggregate.
Port-Daniel--Gascons production will center on Type I/II low and moderate alkali and Type III cements.
Use high-early-strength (Type III) cement: Type III cements have a higher rate of hydration and therefore a higher rate and amount of heat generated, as well as an increased rate of strength gain.