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According to results of the law firm Baker McKenzie's recent study about various types of compliance, 68 percent of companies in the technology, media and telecom sector said they've had compliance breaches uncovered by a regulator--that's more than any other sector, according to the firm.
The bottom line is that the new cyber regulations will present different types of compliance challenges for all regulated entities.
First, the company restructured job focuses within the department, separating financial compliance from other types of compliance. The company also allocated a number of additional employees to risk and compliance.
Many types of compliance information can feed into enterprise GRC.
different types of compliance regimes, which we refer to as delegative
Compliance Requirements The 13 types of compliance requirements that may apply to a federal program include:
WHD's other two types of compliance activities--partnerships and outreach--constituted about 19 percent of WHD's staff time based on available data from 2000 to 2007.
IRS officials said they will start out by sending questionnaires to a random sample of governmental plans in order to learn more about what types of compliance issues the government sector may be facing.
The types of compliance consist of linear compliance (deflection along a straight line such as the VersaFinish), radial compliance (deflection along a radius such as the Flexdeburr), rotational compliance (deflection along an arc), or a combination of radial and linear compliance.
The book does a great job of breaking down the field into various segments and exploring ways in which professionals can pursue many different types of compliance roles.
The terms used to describe types of compliance inspections are not standardized in the literature.