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(1) To input data to a typewriter or computer by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

(2) In programming, classifying variables by the kind of data they hold (string, integer, floating point, etc.). Strongly typed languages enforce strict adherence to typing and do not allow data types to be mixed in the same variable. Weakly typed languages provide minimal validation, which can result in processing errors.



typewriting and reproduction of text, tabular, and numerical materials by means of a typewriter.

The ten-finger touch system is the generally used method of typing. The text of the original is typed by touch without the operator’s looking at his or her fingers, each of which operates only certain keys (letters, signs) of the typewriter. Two widely known systems of teaching typing are used: the professional, based on special touch exercises, beginning with the middle row of the keyboard (this system is used in typing courses), and the public, in which instruction begins with the copying of a simple text using visual verification in the early stages of finger movements on the keyboard. Average typing speed for individuals who have completed courses is 250 strokes a minute (about ten typewritten pages per hour).


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