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Balfron High pupils at Hochfugen in the Tyrolean Alps
The transfer of about 2,000 pilots and flight attendants to Tyrolean was a key element of a restructuring programme the loss-making Austrian Airlines embarked on after its 2009 takeover by Lufthansa from the Austrian government.
(1) Hildegard Herrmann-Schneider is head of RISM Tyrol-South Tyrol & OFM Austria at the Institute for Tyrolean Music research in Innsbruck.
It differs from the match rifles seen in the Olympics, in that it's made in the Tyrolean style that's outlawed for international airgun competition, plus it has double-set triggers--which are also outlawed.
A BSF team not only saved the shrine by creating an iron stone caging along the river bank but also helped over 20 isolated villages of the Kalimath valley to reconnect with the main land through three Tyrolean traverse ropeways.
The Darbo family has been producing jams ever since 1879: in the early years still in the Italian town of Gorizia, which back then was called "Gorz" and belonged to Austria-Hungary, and as from 1918 in the Tyrolean village of Stans where the family had taken refuge from the approaching front of the First 'World War.
Around 5,000 years ago, a lone hunter trekking through Europe's Tyrolean Alps ate his final two meals.
Ferdy Murphy's Christiansted, who is also entered for the GPT Amateur Riders' Flat Handicap on Monday, Mark Tompkins' Tyrolean Dream, Steve Brookshaw's Brilliant Star and Pat Murphy's Shadiann complete the quintet.
With the summer timetable looming, the airport has announced that Tyrolean Airways, in cooperation with Austrian Airlines, will begin a twice-daily route to Vienna.
Owing to the winter-sport trade, every Tyrolean resort is also well equipped for summer holidays, with a full range of hotels, friendly guest houses, self-catering apartments and youth hostels.
The claims came as rescuers pulled the last bodies from the deep snow in the Tyrolean valley.