[′yü ‚band]
The absorption band in the ultraviolet resulting from a U-center type of point lattice defect.
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optical bands

The spectrum for transmission in singlemode optical fibers has been broken into the following wavelength ranges, or bands. Typically, the wavelengths transmitted in multimode fibers are around 850 and 1310 nm, known originally as first window and second window. See satellite frequency bands.

                    Wavelength Range Band    Name       In Nanometers (nm)

 O-band  Original      1260 - 1360

 E-band  Extended      1360 - 1460

 S-band  Short         1460 - 1530

 C-band  Conventional  1530 - 1565

 L-band  Long          1565 - 1625

 U-band  Ultra-long    1625 - 1675
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We choose the monitoring signal as 1625nm wavelength from U-band in order to avoid interference with traffic at 1310 and around 1550 nm.
Thus, we can add another wavelength (1625 nm) from U-band as we proposed before by using a technique known as wavelength division multiplexing (WDM).
For the larger disk (Sample A) lower-order dielectric resonance [E.sub.11[delta]] [7] lies in the U-band (40-60 GHz), whereas for the smaller disk (Sample B) has the resonance in the W-band (75-110GHz).
The scattering matrix element measurements were made using Agilent Network Analyzers (model E8361A for U-band and N5242A with N5260A for W-band).
Frequencies of these modes lie in the U-band, well above the FMR frequency of 1-5 GHz for the biasing fields for the profiles in Fig.
From this consideration it is clear that for U-band the operating point is ideally around 55.8 GHz.
The phase shifter discussed here has a figure-of-merit (FOM), approximately 25[degrees]/dB at U-band and 19[degrees]/dB at W-band.
A prototype magnetic field tunable phase shifter based on dielectric resonance in the U-band and W-band has been investigated.
Field tests show that the DSI Pro has excellent blue response (I was able to get images through an ultraviolet U-band filter).
al., "GaAs Molecular Beam Epitaxy Monolithic Power Amplifier at U-Band," IEEE Microwave and mm-Wave Monolithic Circuits Symposium, May 1988, Digest, pp.
In studying the structure of sunspots, notes the VLA's Tim Bastian, the facility heretofore listened primarily to the 2-cm radio waves of what is called the U-band, originating near the bottom of the chromosphere, and to the 6-cm (C-band) emissions from the top.
Prices: $14,000 (A-band HP 11974 mm-wave preselector), $14,500 (Q-band HP 11974 mm-wave preselector), $15,000 (U-band HP 11974 mm-wave preselector) and $15,500 (V-band HP-11974 mm-wave preselector).