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TABLE 2 PMT-oriented Surveys Name of survey Survey name Surveyor Lead agency PSE-2005 PSE BPS Bappenas PPLS 2008 PPLS BPS N/A PPLS-2011 2010 census survey for BPS TNP2K developing the UDB SOURCE: Authors, compiled from various sources.
Irfan Siddiqui said UDB was established in the year 1958 with the name of Urdu Development Board and now is working under NH and LH Division since two years.
Centralized storage of sensitive account information: The Yahoo UDB is a centralized database of all users' account information that was stored on Yahoo's servers.
Results: Out of 2104 patients with non-variceal UDB, 31/2104 (1.5%) presented DL, 19/31(61.3%) male and 12/31(38.7%) female, mean age 63 [+ or -] 12.83.
March 2 (SeeNews) - Belgian private equity firmA GimvA (EBR:GIMB) said Friday it will buy United Dutch Breweries (UDB), the owner of theA Oranjeboom beer brand, from Dutch investment firm Egeria.
Some of the question they asked Ahmeti were if he was a collaborator of the secret police UDB and whether he was implicated in a murder of Albanian soldiers and in stealing of money from the Albanian diaspora funds.
If that hospital doesn't have a bed, they will be given a UDB, ie a trolley, and they'll have to stay there.
SQL Based Association Rule Mining using Commercial RDBMS (IBM DB2 UDB EEE).
Fuente: Elaboracion propia a partir de microdatos de EUSILC LONGITUDINAL UDB 2006 - version 2 - de marzo de 2009.
* Urban Data Base (UDB) is integrated with the existing applications: CRM - Registry Management; DM-Document management; Noise Management.