ultrahigh frequency

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ultrahigh frequency

[¦əl·trə′hī ′frē·kwən·sē]
The band of frequencies between 300 and 3000 megahertz in the radio spectrum, corresponding to wavelengths of 10 centimeters to 1 meter. Abbreviated UHF.
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ultrahigh frequency (UHF)

Frequencies of electro-magnetic radiation between 300 and 3000 MHz, or of wavelengths between 100 and 10 cm. These frequencies are mainly used by military for air-to-air and air-to-ground voice communications on a line-of-sight basis. In some instances, this may go as low as 225 MHz and still be referred to as a UHF (ultra-high frequency). The UHF band also finds applications in the glide-slope of the ILS (instrument landing system) and in international (1000 MHz) DME (distance-measuring equipment). Secondary surveillance radar also operates in the UHF band with the mode on 1030 MHz and the code on 1090 MHz.
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The airborne Predator was able to relay data to the Chicago via an ultrahigh frequency satellite communication link.
A television set with an ultrahigh frequency tuner (UHF) also can be modified to receive cellular telephone frequencies.
Cincinnati Microwave designs, manufactures and markets ultrahigh frequency and microwave wireless communication products for sale under its own brand and for many of the world's leading providers of consumer and commercial electronics products.
Cable's indictable offense was that it threatened the revenue earned by UHF (ultrahigh frequency) television licensees.
Ultrahigh frequency (UHF) near-field RFID technology received a lot of attention due to its good performances in item-level RFID applications such as sensitive products tracking, pharmaceutical logistics, transport and medical products (blood, medicines, and vaccines), and biosensing applications [7-13].
Most recently the author's group [20] has newly reported using strong OFB to boost the modulation frequencies over an ultrahigh frequency passband over 55 GHz and has shown improvement of the gain of a corresponding RoF link by about 20 dB.
Among their topics are numerical analysis techniques, a generalized scattering matrix approach for multilayer patch arrays, microstrip reflect-array antennas, wearable antennas for body area networks, ultrahigh frequency passive radio-frequency identification tag antennas, meta-material antennas and radiative systems, and printed leaky wave antennas.
The area along ASR Sue is also full of communication dead zones, which are areas where very-high frequency and ultrahigh frequency signals do not propagate.
The system works by projecting ultrahigh frequency, low-powered radio waves onto the front and back of the person being screened.
often referred to as MILSATCOM, has a presence in portions of the ultrahigh frequency (UHF), 0.3- to 3.0-GHz band, the superhigh frequency (SHF), 3.0- to 30-GHz band, and the extremely high frequency (EHF), 30- to 300-GHz band.

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