umbrella bird

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umbrella bird:

see cotingacotinga
, any of the New World tropical birds of the family Cotingidae. Cotingas range from N Argentina to the southern border of the United States; most are forest species and inhabit the highest treetops.
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Umbrella Bird


(Cephalopterus ornatus), a bird of the family Cotingidae, suborder Tyranni. The body is approximately 50 cm long. The feathers are black, shot with dark blue and green. The umbrella bird is distributed in the forests of Central and South America. It keeps to the tops of trees. Its flight is very noisy. In the morning and evening, when the birds sit in the treetops, their voices sound like a deep bass lowing (because of this sound, they are sometimes called mountain bull or bullbird). They nest in trees, with a single egg to a clutch. Their food consists of fruits and insects.

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