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Meaning to make sacred, it is an act by which the profane is dedicated to the gods. It differs from a blessing in that it is irrevocable, constituting a transformation in the essence of the item or person. Repetition would be unnecessary. In this sense, any area used by Witches remains consecrated even after the ritual is over, the circle has been opened, and the participants have left.

Consecration is done with water to which salt has been added (making it "holy water") and with incense. It can also be done with holy oil, or chrism.

Witches consecrate all their working tools, such as the athamé, sword, wand, pentacle, the circle in which they meet and the participants within that circle. Anything and anyone so consecrated is dedicated to the service of the gods.

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Should they be allowed the choice of joining their own relatives among the Unconsecrated, or be put to death before they endanger the community?
Not much is disputed about the presence of historical or indexical value in a consecrated or even an unconsecrated image, as both equally serve as reference to the historical Buddha Shakyamuni or an event in his life.
Will she let the Sisters kill her mother and bury her in the cemetery, or allow her to change into one of the Unconsecrated and be ejected from the village at the moment of her turning?
After Communion had been taken, in one kind only, unconsecrated wine was handed out to wash down the Host and the entire Holy Loaf was divided and eaten.
The McCanns are also deeply religious, yet the Portuguese police want us to believe they have disposed of their daughter's body at sea or buried it in unconsecrated ground.
This place of death stood alone, abandoned without visitors, unremembered, unconsecrated.
The 27-year-old labourer, whose conviction was quashed in June 2003 by the Court of Appeal, was buried in an unconsecrated prison grave, later turned into a car park.
Rather, the Catholic Church may have arranged for him to be buried in unconsecrated ground, as a petty retribution after death for his ridiculing of them in life.
The 42 unmarked graves in what is believed to be an unconsecrated area at Llantwit Major cemetery, dating from 1938 to 1980, were discovered by town councillor Russell Downe, right.
(253) Ultimately, the common law began to offer some criminal law protection for buried and unburied bodies in unconsecrated grounds.
This placement is crucial and can be observed symbolically in a twelfth-century enclosure ceremony, where male clerical postulants to enclosure prayed face down in the mid choir, unordained men at the entrance to the choir, and women at the west end of the church in the public, unconsecrated space of the nave.