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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Uncrossing involves removing a curse or any form of negative magic. The uncrossing ritual may be performed as needed, but, it is most effective when performed during the waning cycle of the moon.

By making a Witch Bottle, a person will uncross him or herself, removing any and all negativity and evil influences known and unknown that may have been directed at him or her. An uncrossing oil used in magic is made by mixing sandalwood, patchouli leaves, myrrh, and finger grass. In Voodoo, a popular recipe mixes lemon grass, herb salt, and oil.

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During the debate, Tory Julian Lewis (New Forest E) asked: "Mr Speaker, would the Chancellor like to uncross his fingers, look you straight in the eye and assert that the Government would have made its announcement on inheritance tax if the Conservatives hadn't made their promise to raise the threshold to pounds 1 million?
Once the injury faded into the background, I was able to uncross the fingers and get down to some proper speed training
Uncross your arms, unclench your fist, then watch your heart, and your world, expand
When the scoop board is lowered, you uncross the rods and let it hang on the rods.
I leafed through a 'what to expect when you're expecting' book and haven't been able to uncross my legs since
cross and uncross your feet as you jump Basic cancan .
What the [tracer] experiment does very nicely is it allows us to uncross our fingers," says Garrett.
Davey Crockett," she said when my eyes began to uncross.
Now uncross your arms keeping hold of the rope ends.
If sassy Suzie plays the Catherine Tate card, cross and uncross your legs wildly before insisting: 'But it's all in the best possible taste.