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a group of plants consisting of shrubs or, less frequently, tree varieties that never form part of the dominant crown cover. Unlike undergrowth, underbrush never replaces previous stands of trees. Characteristic shrubs include common juniper, woodbine, warty spindle tree, alder buckthorn, filbert, and Tartar maple (Acer tataricuni). Many second- and third-magnitude trees often play a more important role in the underbrush than shrubs. Such trees include mountain ash and goat willow. Sometimes the underbrush includes trees, such as the linden, that would be first-magnitude species under normal conditions.

Many underbrush varieties are used as food or fodder, and some have medicinal and industrial uses. The underbrush is important to the life of the forest: it affects the formation of tree trunks and helps rid them of twigs. It also has an extremely important influence on the general forest environment (soil, microclimate). The underbrush provides a home for insectivorous birds— the “orderlies” of the forest. In forests near rivers, lakes, and reservoirs the underbrush protects against erosion.


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But, it said scaling back program access rules would be a mistake -- especially within the context of a proceeding designed to provide the FCC with actionable suggestions for launching rulemaking proceedings to clear the regulatory underbrush of outdated, unnecessary and unduly burdensome regulations that have exceeded their usefulness.
Deer, sneak out from the underbrush, to nibble grass now green and lush.
After a couple of hours in the water and scouring the underbrush, SPI members and staff collected nearly three pickup truck loads of trash from a particular section of beach.
OVER SEVERAL MONTHS IN 2013, intense wildfires raged in 11 western states, fueled by dense forests and underbrush.
These strategies have left forests choking with thick underbrush, dead trees and other plant materials that serve as fuel, contributing to the dramatic intensity of some of the nation's worst wildfires.
barking dog streaked through underbrush and leaped into a stream.
In a highly unusual move, Lane County fire officials on May 4 imposed an immediate ban on outdoor rural burning after the spring's uncommonly dry and warm weather left underbrush exceptionally dry in many areas, posing a big fire risk.
I truly believe that if we can get the deficit and debt issues solved, which I believe we can get done in the lame-duck or in the immediate aftermath of the lame-duck, then that clears away a lot of the ideological underbrush," he said.
See if you can spot the 10 different rainforest species hiding in the underbrush on pages 18 and 19, then flip to page 12 to discover how to make a sweet rainforest-inspired fruit salad.
Available in nine patterns including ACU, Desert MirageFlage, Urban MirageFlage, UnderBrush, Advanced Tiger Stripe, Air Force ABU, British DPM, Flame and Barbed Wire.
And it's better than underbrush at discouraging rodents and other unwanted wildlife.
COUNTRYSIDE: We range our goats in electric pens for underbrush control and land clearing.