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1. small trees, bushes, ferns, etc., growing beneath taller trees in a wood or forest
2. a growth of short fine hairs beneath longer ones; underfur
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new growth in a forest, capable eventually of reaching the height of the stand in which it has grown and of replacing this stand. Undergrowth also includes young trees on cleared and burned areas, since these trees too will form the mature stand.

Undergrowth may originate from seeds or from newly planted trees. Early undergrowth of seed origin is called self-seeding for conifers and hardwood species with heavy seeds and airborne for birch, aspen, and other hardwood species with light seeds. Plants less than one year old are classed as seedlings. An important means of renewing forests is the protection of undergrowth from damage during logging.

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After the car had gone it began its way across the road and into some more undergrowth.
A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the body of a young woman was found in undergrowth at an observatory in Merseyside.
Police had to then clear a path through the undergrowth to reach the girl who was injured and unconscious when they found her.
She had fallen 30ft from the cliff then her fall was broken by trees and undergrowth as she toppled another 30ft.
Soon they, too, were hurtling panic-stricken through the undergrowth.
Undergrowth vegetation in tropical and subtropical areas is home to countless creatures (mammals, reptiles, birds) that sustain sandflies, ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, whose complex natural cycles flourish in the heat and humidity so central to Gauguin's Eden.
Prior to Ravagli's death in 1976, Bevilacqua and the elderly officer returned to the villa on the Italian Riviera where DH Lawrence and his wife Frieda lodged in the 1920s, where Bevilacqua says Ravagli told him that, with Lawrence's knowledge, he, like Mellors had made love to Frieda in the bushes and undergrowth of the villa.
As we scanned the forest below an almighty rumbling and crashing of undergrowth came from behind us.
Detectives uncovered a .38 Smith and Wesson handgun while searching undergrowth near Drimnagh, Wexford.
Heavy rain in Guadalajara, Mexico caused an Aeromexico jet aircraft carrying 94 passengers to run off the runway and skid into undergrowth on 14 June.
Much of the severity of the wildfires can be attributed to the lush undergrowth that sprouted during heavier-than-normal winter rains, then quickly parched and burned in the extremely dry summer that followed.
Police have confirmed that a body found in undergrowth is that of missing teenager Gary McDonagh.