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Including the latest financing, Understory has raised nearly $22.3 million.
Researchers found a significant increase in plant diversity and abundance among both native understory species and small trees.
Understory generates real-time weather data for use by insurance companies, agriculture and emergency government.
The woody understory and subcanopy layers were well-developed and diverse.
Given that understory insectivorous bird abundance and distribution are known to respond to habitat-specific structural features (Kattan and Murcia 2012), contrasting between alder plantations and native forests (Murcia 1997, Kattan and Murcia 2012), will show if they are subject to different environmental conditions.
Similar to those results, in the ground and understory of a TMCF in Tanzania, Sorensen et al.
After sowing the soybean, the plots were delineated in order to be two meters long and distributed in different points of the understory of each experimental unit.
Dwarf bamboo is known that has crucial impacts on forest composition, structure and dynamics for their dominant distribution and understory exclusive density in many temperate forests (Taylor et al.
Forest interior, understory, and canopy species are particularly sensitive to road fragmentation (Develey & Stouffer, 2001; Laurance et al., 2009), while short-distance migrants and edge species could benefit from increased disturbance (Laurance et al., 2002).
They are also a sensitive indicator of human impacts because their populations respond to changes in the structure of the forest understory (Shepherd and Ditgen, 2005).
| | Woodlands have an understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants including grasses.