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In the second quarter, 33.2 percent of all young people were active, i.e., employed or actively seeking a job (unemployed), while 66.8 percent of young people were inactive (mainly studying and not seeking a job).
The number of registered unemployed does not included self-employed or those who seek part-time employment as well as those who seek employment in certain areas or for a specific employer.
The data reveal that the unemployed over-estimate their likelihood of finding a job in the near future.
The DOLE said most of the unemployed are entering the job market for the first time.
'Among the unemployed persons in 2018, 75.2 percent belonged to age group 15 to 34 years old.
'Of the 9.7 million unemployed that did absolutely nothing as at Q3 2018, 90.1% of them or 8.77 million were reported to be unemployed and doing nothing because they were first-time job seekers and have never worked before.
Most of the unemployed PhD holders have already availed the year-long Interim Placement of Fresh PhD (IPFP) opportunity provided by the HEC.
State IT minister Nara Lokesh told ANI, his government's scheme will benefit nearly 10 lakh unemployed youth.
Emiratis in the 18-24 age group account for 48 per cent of a total of 2,851 unemployed Emiratis while non-Emirati youth in the same age group make up 35.6 per cent of a total of 7,196 unemployed non-Emiratis.
In the fourth quarter of 2017, 79,700 people aged 15-74 were unemployed, which is 4,400 or 5.2 percent less than in the third quarter.
Simeon Okang'a, Diploma (disaster management), graduated 2010, unemployed.
For example, amongunemployed Europeans 50 and over, 60.3% have been unemployed for more than a year but for all unemployed Europeans of working age, that number falls significantly, to 46.6%.