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(20) Ainda que Lowy entenda que esse e um momento de ruptura do materialismo historico de Marx e Engels, e essa e uma nocao tambem adotada por diversos teoricos,--como Pedro Neto e Jean Tible--algumas obras que antecederam os textos sobre a questao da Russia ja demonstravam uma nao adesao a essa nocao "unilinear da historia", como por exemplo, A Ideologia Alema, os Grundrisse e o tomo 1 de O Capital
There, it attracted a group of young Marxists dissatisfied with monistic and unilinear interpretations of their belief system.
The first premise is that, despite the good intention of many African political leaders, African states and African ruling elites in continuously being guided or misguided to copy, or directly or indirectly imitate the European experience and its "unilinear models" of political development, Africa will never develop organically and ontologically out of Euro-American history, its languages and its metaphysics, regardless of the quality of its imitations.
Instead of a unilinear approach, it should pursue a multi-angular foreign policy to reduce competition and confrontation in the Indian Ocean and to ensure the success of CPEC.
La autora cuestiona hacia el interior del marxismo las corrientes fundadas en el determinismo tecnologico y/o que se hacian cargo de los procedimientos de la economia convencional dejando de lado la critica de la economia politica, lo que resulto en las perspectivas evolucionistas centradas en la sucesion unilinear de los modos de produccion no muy distantes de las teorias convencionales de la evolucion social que "naturalmente" desembocan en la sociedad comercial en su estadio mas complejo.
He wondered if the approach had been insufficiently complex and too "unilinear," placing too much emphasis on "distance between generations" and underappreciating "fragmentation and diversity in New York Jewish life." In contrast, most reviews praised At Home in America for its breadth of research and its fusion of religious, social, economic, educational, gender, and institutional histories into a coherent, insightful narrative, and they also never mentioned the generational issue.
Since Stalin constantly monitored and reshaped the pillars of his power--the secret police, the Party, and, later, the military--there was great consistency, even a unilinear logic behind the political methods of his one-person rule.
They make a case for the Caribbean as a distinct cultural area and challenge traditional unilinear evolutionary models for understanding the emergence of Caribbean societies.
"The history of mountaineering in Canada," Reichwein writes, "is not a unilinear process of sport 'progress' or a 'coming of age,' but a diverse and contested field of ongoing social relations interacting in specific times and places as a dynamic site of culture" (p.
In so doing, I hope to challenge standard descriptions of seventeenth-century state-building as a unilinear, inexorable process, and to call attention to ways in which religious convictions continued to find powerful expression in the lives of Swiss villagers independent of state control.
The "myth" of a unilinear modernization process is treated similarly.
O autor aponta a inter e a transdisciplinaridade como desafio, propondo substituir um pensamento que separa por um pensamento que une, o que exige a substituicao da causalidade unilinear e unidimensional por uma causalidade em circulo e multirreferencial, assim como substituir a rigidez da logica classica por uma dialogica capaz de conceber nocoes ao mesmo tempo complementares e antagonicas.