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union shop:

see closed shop and open shopclosed shop and open shop.
The term "closed shop" is used to signify an establishment employing only members of a labor union.
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Union Shop


in capitalist countries, an establishment in which the entrepreneur may hire individuals only on condition that they join the union and remain members for the duration of their employment. Maintenance of membership is a variant of the union shop: the hired worker—a union member—pledges not to leave the union for the duration of his employment. The union shop condition is usually included in collective bargaining agreements. Seeking to weaken trade unions, entrepreneurs carry on a struggle against the union shop. In certain countries, for example, the USA, laws prohibiting the union shop have been passed.

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union shop

[′yün·yən ′shäp]
(industrial engineering)
An establishment in which union membership is not a requirement for original employment but becomes mandatory after a specified period of time.
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The result can be de facto union shops, as predicted by Samuel Gompers |1921, 84~: "Even if all the courts in the country should decide that the union shop contract is illegal, an impossible situation, the union shop would not disappear.
First, residence in a non-right-to-work state does not necessarily mean that a covered employee's union has been able to win a union shop in collective bargaining.
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