unit cooler

room air conditioner, packaged air conditioner, unit air conditioner, unit cooler

A factory-made encased unit which is designed to deliver conditioned air to an enclosed space without the use of ducts; usually mounted in a window or in an opening in a wall, or as a console.
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If you just want to make your existing unit cooler, getting the right kind of blinds or curtains is important.
Heatcraft's MX1 mobile merchandiser, left, provides flexibility, while the company's Slim Contour unit cooler is 30 percent shorter than standard.
A variety of refrigeration systems are also on display in a mechanical room setting including products such as the recently launched Slim Contour Unit Cooler, the refrigeration remote control monitoring system, the environmentally friendly Microchannel Air-Cooled Condenser platform, and the GreenChill awarded [CO.sub.2] Refrigeration System.
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products (HRP) has leveraged its technical expertise to create new glycol unit cooler product lines for its Bohn and Larkin brands.
In the loading bay, another Airmax unit cooler keeps the temperature at a steady 2[degrees]C.
Compared to other forced air milk coolers, the ATMC models offer a greater capacity for return of the "produced air" to the unit cooler. The ATMC series comes in six models, three available in single access and three available in dual access, and all are constructed of a stainless steel interior and exterior.
The first of this new breed of ammonia friendly heat exchangers is the Airmax 11 NH3 unit cooler which is designed for use in medium to large cold stores and refrigerated food preparation areas.
The first, with one conditioning unit and a single Alfa Laval cubic unit cooler, is used to store batch samples taken from the company's trial laboratory.
Standard 420, Performance Rating of Forced-Circulation Free-Delivery Unit Coolers for Refrigeration.
Two Airmax unit coolers from Alfa Laval are helping one of Scotland's premier processors of lamb and beef increase its market share by maintaining chill rooms for lamb and beef processing at optimum temperature.