unit lock

preassembled lock, mono lock, rigid lock, unit lock

A lock all of whose parts are assembled as a unit at the factory; requires little or no disassembly when installed in a rectangular notch cut into the door edge.
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The report said: "Staff and senior management have made determined efforts to ensure that the prison is a safe place for both staff and prisoners, especially during times of staff shortages when a rolling programme of unit lock downs have to be scheduled.
Additional control features include a unit lock when power is stopped, disconnected or interrupted.
In addition, if the protective device on an infant is tampered with, all doors on the unit lock, and an alarm sounds both on the unit and at the Security Communications Center.
Tenders are invited for Cap Washer For Tamping Tool, Spacer For Oil Seal, Circlip 180Mm Dia Internal For Tamping Unit, Air Cylinder For Tamping Unit Lock Unlock Double Acting, Filter (Air Breather1/4 Bsp Thread For Tamping Unit, Damping Ring For Csm Tamping Unit, Axle With Locknut And Washer For Lining Wheel, Bolt Csk Nib With Nut, Axle Bolt/Long Pin For Tamping Unit, Pin Bolt Tool Tilting Cylinder For Tamping Unit, Guide Column For Tamping Unit Uni/Duo Type, Dredger Drum Gear, Pin Bolt- Steel Bush.
The unit locks in the welding process with fully electronic welder settings, hierarchical password protection, and Ethernet connectivity access.
Unit locks with a key-coded cylinder lock or a combination lock.
If there is an attempt to move the baby from the ward, or the tag is cut or tampered with, an alarm is triggered and the unit locks down.
The soundproof entertainment unit locks you inside where your iPod, PlayStation and Hi-Def TV are all at the touch of a button.
Once the unit locks in the training dates, the NET team arrives at the unit's location, sets up the training site, and begins training.
The unit locks air into each of the cushion's quadrants, providing stability that minimizes side-to-side and back-and-forth movement.
The ISOFLO Memory Control Unit locks air into each of the quadrants, providing stability that minimizes side-to-side and back-to-front motions.
The whole unit locks snugly together and is fitted with an integral carrying handle.