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a method of putting together machines (or sets of machines) from interchangeable standardized units. Unitizing is widely used in making machines of different functions because it makes it possible to produce and operate the machines more efficiently. For instance, in building families of trucks of different functions, it is possible to make parts that are identical or similar for all trucks—engines, transmissions, front axles. This makes it possible to produce the parts in larger numbers and to reduce the unit cost by increasing mechanization and automation of production. Unitizing greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of prompt and continued improvement of different machines, through design changes of obsolescent parts.

The unitizing method considerably improves the operation and speeds up the repair of machines: if one unit goes out of commission, the idleness of the machine can be reduced by replacing the defective unit with a working one. The unitizing repair method—that is, the replacement of defective parts with new or repaired parts—is widely used in the national economy.


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"It's not only focused on energy consumed to unitize a load, but on the materials used in the process."
Strapping unitizes bundled loads of products--from construction materials like lumber and brick, to primary packaging containers, including beverage bottles and cans.
Stretch hood machinery unitizes a pallet load by stretching a plastic film bag (or hood) over a load, which then contracts to secure contents.