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1. (of a chromosome during meiosis) not paired with its homologue
2. Chem another word for monovalent
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a single, unpaired chromosome seen during the first division of meiosis. Normally, when gametes mature, homologous chromosomes with identical sets of genes pair during the prophase stage of meiosis and form bivalents. If pairing does not occur or if the bivalents diverge prematurely, univalents are formed.

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since warfarin in 1951, (9) dabigatran etexilate is classified as a univalent DTI.
Figure 2C represents a metaphase II nucleus, with 10 autosomes and the noticeable univalent X chromosome.
Harmonic mappings in the plane are univalent complex-valued harmonic functions whose real and imaginary parts are not necessarily conjugate.
[C.sup.2] [right arrow] C is analytic in a domain D, if h(z) is univalent in u, and if p(z) is analytic in u with (p(z), zp'(z)) [member of] D when z [member of] u, then p(z) is said to satisfy a first-order differential subordination if
[7] Let q(z) be convex univalent in the unit disk U and V and [phi] be analytic in a domain D containing q(U).
(n [greater than or equal to] 1) be analytic in U and let h(z) be convex univalent in U with h(0) = 1.
Segregation rate of three seed colors, 4E univalent transmission rate, and seed set in the self-fertilized progenies of 10 LBGMF lines.
He doesn't write A Western Tradition or Western Traditions; rather, his univalent language would suggest that there is only one tradition against which the Canadian Dramatic Imagination is being measured.
* David McLaren, 'Univalent Salts as Modifiers in Micellar Capillary Electrophoresis,' supervisor David Chen, MCIC, University of British Columbia.
But this map gives its user (Lear) the sense that the land is as unpopulated, unregionalised, univalent and untroubled as the rural expanse (the landscape of "ideal emptiness") which England appears to be on the surface of Saxton's map.
Particularly in the marketplace of academic discourse, where the demands for rational and original thinking most often produce a kind of univalent and pious discourse, Miklitsch's theoretical and cultural embrace of the contradictions of lived experience brings academic discourse that much closer to lived experience.
Finally, Kronenfeld takes critics to task for assuming that important metaphors in Lear such as nakedness" would have had a "univalent" ideological import in their day (74), when in fact "the wearing of deceiving external apparel ...