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1. (of a chromosome during meiosis) not paired with its homologue
2. Chem another word for monovalent



a single, unpaired chromosome seen during the first division of meiosis. Normally, when gametes mature, homologous chromosomes with identical sets of genes pair during the prophase stage of meiosis and form bivalents. If pairing does not occur or if the bivalents diverge prematurely, univalents are formed.

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Some special classes of univalent functions play an important role in geometric function theory because of their geometric properties, such as, the classes of convex, starlike, strongly convex and strongly starlike functions.
With the help of this operator several authors introduced and studied many subclasses of analytic and univalent functions, see for detail [4,8,19,11,12,17,19].
Then (G, p, q) can be represented by a set of three dmt-strings, each with a univalent p-vertex and a univalent q-vertex, from which (G, p, q) is formed by two parallel operations.
With respect to the types of the induced aberrations, it was observed that dissociated univalents dominated (autosomal and X-Y univalents).
e SI Greater than 1000 and desirable inhibitory potential but very long half life and less susceptibility for cytochrome P-450 as undesirable properties, so these problems were solved by two univalent isosteric substitutions (CH 3 by NH 2 and F by CH 3 ) in lead compound SC-58125 and the optimized bioisostere thus obtaine is known as celecoxib (NSAID) [5], a well known selective COX-2 inhibitor.
which are analytic and univalent in the open unit disk U = {z : |z| < 1}.
Thus every such univalent function has an inverse [f.
Now, let [gamma] be an analytic and univalent of the form (2.
But perhaps the claim is slightly different, namely that every bivalent experience (although perhaps ambivalent in how it feels) corresponds to some univalent experience for purposes of the observer's ranking of temporally extended experiential profiles.
b) Univalent DTIs bind only the active site and include Argatroban and Dabigatran
Let S be the subclass of A whose members are univalent in U.
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