universal language

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universal language,

a language intended to further communication and goodwill among peoples speaking different languages without necessarily replacing their native tongues. See international languageinternational language,
sometimes called universal language, a language intended to be used by people of different linguistic backgrounds to facilitate communication among them and to reduce the misunderstandings and antagonisms caused by language differences.
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universal language

[¦yü·nə¦vər·səl ′laŋ·gwij]
(computer science)
A programming language that is widely employed to write programs that can be run on a wide variety of computers.
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Addressing the audience, speaker Timothy said that poetry was a universal language to effectively and forcefully disseminate the energy of love.
"Music is a universal language and a message of peace that speaks to different cultures, which Daffy and his band have successfully accomplished," said Luma Jasim Bourisly, KuwaitBC's Board Member and Chairwoman of the organising committee.
"Music is a universal language that connects people of all ages and interests, and La Voix has been very successful in engaging audiences," said Mary DePaoli, Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, RBC.
Considering principles, practices and applications in turn, he explores such topics as the universal language of systems, the time is now, map making, sticky moments, and familiar patterns.
"The theme of being loving joins us all together," says Kellerman, "and music bridges all cultural gaps, becoming a universal language that communicates across seemingly insurmountable barriers."
The idea is to use football as a universal language, bringing people together from different walks of life and communities, all bonded together by a love of the beautiful game.
A new book even aims to teach us all the universal language.
She posits that English has supplanted Latin, after centuries of domination and through the caprice of historical accidents, to become the world's "universal language." What defines (and sustains) a universal language, Mizumura argues, is its role as the primary purveyor of (global) knowledge, particularly among those for whom it is an external language (one written or read by a speaker of a different language).
It should travel far beyond the test circuit, and find receptive audiences wherever and however it Is shown, for it speaks, gently yet directly, In a universal language.
Instrumentalists and vocalists travel to far-flung places to see whether music really is a universal language. Myleene Klass is in Mog Mog, an island in Micronesia (slightly left of Papua New Guinea).
But they've burst through the language barrier to light up the top flight and Alexander believes the universal language of football has allowed the team to remain fluent in winning after their runaway Championship success last season.

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