Ethernet switch

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Ethernet switch

In the home or office, the Ethernet switch functions as a central station connecting computers, printers and every other wired device to each other. The switch is also wired to the router and modem to access the Internet. The wireless counterpart to Ethernet is Wi-Fi.

An Ethernet switch is one of the three major functions in a wireless router, and although stand-alone Ethernet switches have up to 48 ports, the Ethernet switch in the wireless router typically has only four ports. See Wi-Fi and wireless router.

Switches Can Be Chained
Switches can be wired to each other, each one splitting off to other devices. Additional switches become automatic Ethernet boosters, as every transmitted output gets power from the AC outlet the switch is plugged into.

Data or Data Plus Power
Regular Ethernet switches transmit data signals only; however, a powered version transmits electrical power to remote devices such as security cameras (see PoE).

10/100/1000 Switches (Gigabit Switches)
Gigabit switches support 10, 100 and 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps). The Gigabit standard added full-duplex transmission, which provides simultaneous send and receive in each line. All Ethernet below 10,000 Mbps (10 Gbps) is backward compatible and detects the highest common speed between both ends of the connection. See 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Unmanaged vs. Managed
A basic "unmanaged" switch has no user configuration, and there is nothing to do except plug in the cables and turn it on. In contrast, for company networks, a "managed" switch can be configured to perform various tasks such as adjust speeds, combine users in subgroups, monitor traffic and report activity. See virtual LAN, SNMP, spanning tree protocol and Ethernet.

Hubs and Switches
The first Ethernet cross-connecting devices were "hubs" that share the total bandwidth. However, the switch treats each send-receive pair at full speed, and most all hubs have been replaced with switches.

Ethernet Switch
In the early 2000s, this unmanaged 16-port 10/100 switch from Omnitron was one of the first fanless and totally quiet Ethernet switches on the market.

In the Home Theater Rack
Switches plug into other switches. This Ethernet switch connects the TV, A/V receiver and streaming box to a 16-port Ethernet switch in another room.
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New Taipei City, Taiwan, March 22, 2018 --( Under the Industrial Ethernet Switch product line, there are three types of Ethernet products: Rackmount Managed Switch, Din-Rail Managed Switch, and Din-Rail Unmanaged Switch.
As a lightly managed switch, the Stratix 2500 switch far exceeds the capabilities of an unmanaged switch by monitoring and optimizing traffic flow and providing diagnostic information to help minimize downtime.
With the exception of the 19" touch screen, the data handling PC communicates with its connected components via Ethernet through the unmanaged switch. If so specified, this PC can also communicate with upper level enterprise systems through a managed switch.
They enable customers to build multiple user groups, prioritize voice and video traffic through Quality of Service (QoS), monitor and troubleshoot, and set up easily with multiple deployment options such as desktop placement, undertable mount, wall mount and rackmount all within a ten percent premium over the cost of an Unmanaged Switch.
The EKI-7629CI is an unmanaged switch and features eight 10/100Base-TX ports and two combination 1000M (gigabit) ports with both copper/RJ45 connections and modular Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) slots for use of industry-standard fiber optic transceiver modules.
An unmanaged switch with power-over-Ethernet function supplements the Scalance X-100 range.
Pricing starts at GBP90 for an unmanaged switch with Fast Ethernet connectivity and ranges to GBP1,758 for a managed all-Gigabit switch with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports and four Gigabit interface converter slots.
The unit is a self-learning, unmanaged switch, so there is no setup required.
According to the company, D-Link is currently extending its Green Ethernet technology to include its business class switches, starting with its unmanaged switch range.
System startup time and ongoing maintenance costs are said to be reduced through a range of unmanaged switch functions such as redundant power supplies, alarm contact, auto negotiation and cable auto crossing.
Offered in multiple configurations and connector options, they easily represent one of the largest unmanaged switch offerings in the industry and are backed by an unsurpassed lifetime warranty.