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(computer science)
To recover the individual data items contained in packed data.
More specifically, to convert a packed decimal number into individual digits (and sometimes a sign).
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(1) To compress data in order to save space. Unpack refers to decompressing data. See data compression.

(2) An instruction that converts a decimal number into a packed decimal format. Unpack converts a packed decimal number into decimal.

(3) In database programs, a command that removes records that have been marked for deletion.
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Cepee Tabibian, a social media marketer based in Madrid, always places her unpacked items somewhere visible: on the desk, nightstand, by the TV, "somewhere I'm sure to see them." But never in a closed drawer.
You could not have damaged the set yourself - and you have a witness anyway to the state of the set when it was unpacked.
* Unpack in a neutral or negative area outside of the pharmacy (general shipping or receiving area).
If these two TEUs are repacked into an FEU at the origin port and unpacked at the destination port, as shown in Figure 2(b), then, at the port of origin, that is, [p.sub.2], one FEU is loaded; at [p.sub.3], one FEU is transshipped; at [p.sub.4], one FEU is transshipped; and, at the destination port [p.sub.5], one FEU is discharged.
Director's Cut's double-screen projection appears to have been shot at a theater rehearsal of Sam Shepard's Fool for Love, another story about a relationship gone to hell, but there is more than one social dynamic to unpack here.
Synthesizing decades of study and experience, Pyne's goal is to answer critics who have urged him to address policy issues explicitly and to "unpack my dense historical narratives into a leaner text ..." He does just that, with brilliance, brevity, and bold proposals for reforming fire management in the United States.
The ETF will ask MEPs oto unpack the package and not to delay European legislation on the certification of train crew.o
But in the Daniels and Sandy missionary effort to carefully unpack and unclutter the complexities of black manhood, they compile a book that begs for subtlety.
Dekker's intent, among others, is to unpack or translate a set of seventeenth-century jests for a twenty-first century audience as a window into an emergent Dutch bourgeois culture.
When items arrive, unpack boxes carefully to facilitate shipping them back in the same packaging.
The storied approach explores the client's world through story development as a process of co-construction (i.e., to reveal), deconstruction (i.e., to unpack), and construction (i.e., to re-author).
After completion of the day's build order, lift truck drivers are instructed how many of which printer models to deliver to the unpack area in manufacturing.