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(computer science)
To recover the individual data items contained in packed data.
More specifically, to convert a packed decimal number into individual digits (and sometimes a sign).
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(1) To compress data in order to save space. Unpack refers to decompressing data. See data compression.

(2) An instruction that converts a decimal number into a packed decimal format. Unpack converts a packed decimal number into decimal.

(3) In database programs, a command that removes records that have been marked for deletion.
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Furthermore, it depends on the virus to unpack itself in memory so that no unpackers are needed in VirtAV, which significantly simplifies the detection of packed viruses.
Jia, "Denial-of-service attacks on host-based generic unpackers," in Proc.
The limitation of this approach is that it needs a specific unpacker for each packer, and moreover, only viruses packed with known packers can be unpacked and detected.