unreinforced concrete

plain concrete, unreinforced concrete

1. Concrete without reinforcement or reinforced only for shrinkage or temperature changes.
2. Concrete without some other specific admixture or element, in contrast with concrete containing such an admixture or element, e.g., non-air-entrained concrete.
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revetified exterior granite stone staircase, 2 pieces, - revised portal double-leaf entrance doors made of shell limestone, 2 pieces, - revised outdoor portal with decorative elements, shell limestone and tuff, 1 piece, - revised balustrades, cheeks and pillars of the main internal staircase made of unreinforced concrete, ground floor - 3rd floor, 2 pieces, - removal of floor grid, installation of floor grate supplied by the customer, 2 pieces, - revision exterior staircase rectory, 1 piece.
Built in the second century, the Pantheon remains the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.
Built and designed by Sir Robert McAlpine in the late 19th century, it was hailed as one of the biggest feats of engineering in its use of unreinforced concrete.
Designed by Sir Robert McAlpine, the 380-metre-long viaduct, which features 21 arches, some as high as 30 metres, was one of the largest engineering works ever completed using unreinforced concrete.
The other half of the pipe consists of a bottom portion constructed of brick (below the spring line) and the upper half is unreinforced concrete.
An unreinforced concrete member fails catastrophically at the maximum load.
The equation considered unreinforced concrete cylinder confined by FRP wrap.
The building stands on unreinforced concrete at 150 S.
Once excavations were complete the tunnel was lined with a 250 mm thick unreinforced concrete shell.
Most typically, masonry construction includes unreinforced concrete masonry, reinforced concrete masonry, and brick masonry, which is a particular type of clay masonry.
Unreinforced concrete block foundations just blow out when hit by a wave like that.
Half of New York City's buildings are constructed of unreinforced concrete, while soil in many places would liquify in a trembler.