unreinforced concrete

plain concrete, unreinforced concrete

1. Concrete without reinforcement or reinforced only for shrinkage or temperature changes.
2. Concrete without some other specific admixture or element, in contrast with concrete containing such an admixture or element, e.g., non-air-entrained concrete.
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The building is divisible to 40,000 feet and will feature a 32-foot clear height, 52x56 foot column spacing and 7-inch unreinforced concrete floors.
The roof 4 is the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome, with a 30ft circular hole to let in light.
Plain unreinforced concrete shall not be considered unreinforced masonry for the purpose of this Chapter."
Both structures are being built utilizing the concrete tilt-up method of construction and will feature 32-foot clear ceiling heights and 7-inch unreinforced concrete floor slabs to accommodate heavy loads.
Built in the second century, the Pantheon remains the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.
Griffith, "Simulation of retrofitted unreinforced concrete masonry unit walls under blast loading," International Journal of Protective Structures, vol.
An unreinforced concrete member fails catastrophically at the maximum load.
The building stands on unreinforced concrete at 150 S.
Once excavations were complete the tunnel was lined with a 250 mm thick unreinforced concrete shell.
It is an unusual tunnel in that the designers called for unreinforced concrete. High voltage transmission ducts cannot have a continuous steel connection around the electrical cables because of induction and hotspots.