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see plumbingplumbing,
piping systems inside buildings for water supply and sewage. The Romans had a highly developed plumbing system; water was brought to Rome by aqueducts and distributed to homes in lead pipes—hence the name plumbing from the Latin word plumbum for lead.
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; sanitary sciencesanitary science,
principles of health preservation, embracing hygiene, on an individual level, and public health, on a communal level. Those who specialize in sanitary science are sanitary engineers.
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a term once used to designate several branches of public health concerned with the formulation and application of sanitary, hygienic, and counterepidemic measures. Housing, industrial, and food sanitation were distinguished. Sanitation was used in this broad sense in the Soviet public health system until the 1960’s. Today, hygiene is engaged in research on sanitation, and the public health epidemiologic service is concerned with the organization and application of sanitary, hygienic, and counterepidemic measures.


(civil engineering)
The act or process of making healthy environmental conditions.


the study and use of practical measures for the preservation of public health
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In 1992 a team of journalists from ABC went undercover to investigate reports of unsanitary conditions at Food Lion stores and reported they found rat-gnawed cheese, bleach-washed fish, and spoiled meat.
The court found that the fact that the state board of corrections had not brought action against the city for failing to meet minimum standards at the jail, and did not try to compel the county to correct any perceived problems, did not establish that the city was not deliberately indifferent to alleged overcrowding and unsanitary conditions in the jail.
Contrast this absurdity with the tact that half the world's population lacks clean water or must travel great distances to procure paltry essential amounts, that unsanitary water kills five to 12 million people per year, and that every eight seconds a child dies from a preventable water-borne disease.
Unauthorized" pregnancies are not the only "sins" justifying traumatic surgery under unsanitary conditions.
In past centuries, plagues, battle wounds, and unsanitary surgery caused many cases.
According to the lawsuits, residents allege that the buildings are substandard and are inflicted with a wide range of severe unsanitary and unhealthful conditions, including: cockroach and rodent infestation, mold, inoperable or faulty electrical and heating systems, structural damage, inadequate water supply; faulty and leaky plumbing, unstable stairs and balconies and inadequate security.
The complaint alleges that the companys ready-to-eat (RTE) refried beans and sauces are adulterated in that they have been prepared, packed and/or held under unsanitary conditions whereby the food may have become contaminated with filth or have been rendered injurious to health.
Fastidious young Auggie is appalled by the unsanitary kitchen conditions, ``art''/(actually trash)-strewn lawn and vulgar pinkness of Finch's listing Victorian house, but heck, the prissy kid could use some shaking up.
Sexy Scarlett, 19, tells American Elle magazine: "We were making out or having sex or something, which I think is very unsanitary.
On September 6, Wan's friend and fellow activist Hu Jia said Wan was being detained by China's Ministry of State Security because he recently revealed that an unsanitary blood-buying industry was responsible for spreading the AIDS virus in the central province of Henan.
Automatic insecticide dispensers are designed to keep restaurants, schools, and other public settings free from annoying and unsanitary flying insects.
Babies have immature immune systems, less stomach acid to destroy foreign substances, and unsanitary eating habits, so these antibodies improve their chances of survival.