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A recent "admittedly unscientific" poll of more than 1,000 ( visitors found that legacy carriers like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines tend to have the rudest personnel.
I as well get steamed over politically correct unscientific articles, but gee-whiz, Joseph, it was fun to read about the homespun effort.
Sala Levin writes ("Biggest Genetic Myths of All Time," July/August) that the Cochran, Hardy and Harpending paper "A Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" has no footnotes, implying that it is therefore unscholarly or unscientific. While this is technically true, this is a highly misleading observation, because most scientific journals nowadays use the (author, year) style of citation rather than footnotes, which are more common among papers in the humanities.
My study and figures are unscientific, but are the experiences of just one person who once took pleasure from birdlife.
The unscientific poll, sent to about 9,500 ACPE members, drew 617 responses.
These unscientific contentions are considered here, in DENYING SCIENCE, with an eye to showing how special interest groups work to distort or suppress scientific findings.
Chapters survey the world's current mental map, document its unscientific roots, and provide insights into connectedness and change that encourages more positive thinking patterns.
My, totally unscientific, estimate is that 75% of us are pessimists, 20% are optimists and 5% are realists.
But it does come as a stark contrast to a few years ago when, during the golden days of the banking sector, Eye used to enjoy performing a totally unscientific study of searching for the words "manufacturing" and "engineering" during Chancellor Gordon Brown's verbose delivery of the Budget.
"Many projects were executed with unscientific ways to satisfy certain sides," he concluded.
17 -- Over 300 workers from the Hindustan Insecticides Limited plant manufacturing Endosulfan near Kochi at Kerala organised a rally today to oppose the unscientific approach adopted by environmental NGOs to seek ban on Endosulfan.
Hasani claims that the excavations are carried out wrongly and in an unscientific manner since bulldozers are used.