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Candidates with a high rating for being upbeat on Twitter tended to use a lot of positive language and inclusive pronouns such as "we".
Sarah Surgenor of St Patrick's said: "We developed Upbeat On Air as we were looking for an innovative way to get people talking about mental health.
Even though the central bank of the nation is yet to approve the commencement of the proposed agent banking services, officials are upbeat that the service would bring hitherto unbanked people under the banking umbrella.
And while it is disappointing to learn they are less upbeat about the trading environment than they were at the end of last year, it is encouraging to see that employees remain motivated.
Despite the upbeat data, most analysts also insisted it was too early to call a recovery.
BEIRUT: Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui was upbeat about prospects for the spread of call centers, saying Lebanon could compete globally after telecoms tolls declined last year.
Market sentiment in Tokyo was lifted on a four-day rise in New York stocks, ascribed to a stronger-than-expected Chicago Purchasing Managers Index for August, upbeat factory orders data for July and an employment report that came within market expectations, brokers said.
She said: "Up is for anyone who wants to stop feeling down right now or anyone who wants to feel more upbeat.
Despite failing to make an impact on their tournament results, the Bahrain-based players were upbeat, vowing that they will appear in a different fashion in next year's tournament.
ELLIE GOULDING Guns & Horses This is a really dreamy track that's upbeat and wistful and suits the lovely vocals of Ellie.
Summary: Bosses at JD Sports Fashion are upbeat after the firm posted an 11 per cent rise in profits.
It's summer, and I'm about to hit the Northwest for a much needed vacation and to skate some unfamiliar spots--so things are looking up and I'm in a particularly upbeat mood, which helps explain my repeated listening of Killed By Glare, a compilation of obscure UK glam songs from the 1970s, in the spirit of the garage and punk Killed by Death comps (and if you don't know Killed by Death, go kill yourself).