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To convert one set of values to a higher set of values. For example, HDTV sets upconvert broadcast TV (480i) and DVD content (480i or 480p) to the highest format the set supports (720p, 1080i or 1080p). A/V receivers also provide upconversion.

Also called "upscaling." In a modern home theater, the DVD player, A/V receiver and HDTV provide upconversion capabilities. If the units are all of similar quality, it may make little difference which one performs the upconversion. For example, if the HDTV does the best job, the DVD and receiver upconversion can be turned off. Contrast with downconvert.

From 480i to 720p
To convert a 480i signal to 720p or 1080p, the first step is to deinterlace the 480 lines from 480i to 480p and then upconvert to the higher resolution. See deinterlace.

Upconversion Is Critical
Converting a lower resolution to a higher one is more critical than the other way around, and the quality of algorithms differs widely. These examples are images upscaled using a low-quality circuit (top) and the higher-quality circuit (bottom) in Anchor Bay's VP50Pro video processor. (Image courtesy of Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc., www.anchorbaytech.com)
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It can be used in either frequency upconversion or downconversion applications, with conversion gain of 2 dB.
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Even so the omnipresence of oxygen turned out to seriously interfere with the upconversion efficiency.
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Direct support for digital upconversion in the wideband, modular Agilent M8190A arbitrary waveform generator, as well as support for Agilent's M9391A PXI vector signal analyzer and M9381A PXI vector signal generator though Command Expert 1.
Cards in the new 30 Series IQ format converter range are ideal for handling a wide variety of common applications such as upconversion for re-purposing of SD content on HD channels, or down-conversion to maintain SD output feeds," said Steve Cole, product manager at Snell.
var5] leading to AM-PM noise [11] upconversion via the varactors [C.
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