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(Or "upgradeability") How easily upgrades to a system can be produced and applied. E.g. "Buying a PC with more PCI slots gives you increased upgradeability."
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Capable of being revised with the expectation that additional features or capabilities will be included. Most software is upgradable. If available, a new version can be successfully installed over an older version, as long as no conflicts with other applications are introduced. Software stored in a flash memory firmware chip may also be upgradable. See firmware.

Desktops Are Upgradable - Laptops Are Limited
USB and eSATA ports enable all computers to be upgraded with external hardware; however, internal devices may or may not be upgradable. For example, many components in most desktop PCs can be replaced, but there is limited upgradability with laptop computers. In a laptop, memory is typically the only internal component that can be easily changed. Storage can be upgraded, but requires some mechanical ability. In addition, unlike a desktop computer, which typically allows a second drive to be added, the laptop's single drive must be replaced entirely, requiring re-installation or copying of the software. See update, USB and eSATA.
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The sensor is also the first smart building sensor to feature easy hardware upgradability in the field, so customers can remove and replace the sensor with a new one during the lighting fixture's 15- to 20-year life cycle.
According to [ Sabbahuddin Khan, Regional Manager], Allied Telesis, "Another great advantage of the x510 Series is its upgradability from Layer 2+/basic Layer 3 functionality to full Layer 3.
It complements such features introduced last year as the cross-sectional frame hardening that eliminates lateral oscillations that normally occur at high operating speeds; toothed belts instead of metal chains for higher speed and efficiency, lower maintenance and noise; and built-in 'upgradability' via installation of different types of belt drives.
The core issues for building a green economy are: degrowth in the developed nations; economic democracy; a shift from consumption-oriented renumeration to shortening work-time; pricing does not reward needless consumption of bulk-bought goods; shifting from obsolescence to durability, repairability and upgradability; curbing population growth and preserving biodiversity; sustainable and equitable food-systems; and local governance.
MAINGEAR continues to be an innovation leader with the release of this unique all-new all-in-one, which offers premium features, stylish design and upgradability that no one else offers," said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR.
DF has been using the VC100 for several years and views its software upgradability as an added advantage over other products.
MAQUET SERVO ventilators are known globally for optimal performance configurability, upgradability, and modularity.
In addition, it provides unprecedented upgradability, allowing users to add new capabilities to their application platforms--now and in the future--based on their business needs.
Globitel has also secured the system to make it tamper-proof whilst also allowing for future upgradability if necessary.