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general term for household fittings, hangings, curtains, cushions, and covers. It refers to stuffed, padded, and spring-cushioned furniture, such as chairs and sofas, or to the usually decorative materials and fabrics that cover them. The first furniture upholstery was probably leather, stretched on without padding. Italian Renaissance chairs were cushioned with leather, velvet, or embroidery; the French made ornate chairs covered with tapestries and embroideries; England developed upholstery in Elizabethan and Jacobean reigns. The use of springs is comparatively modern. Hair, fiber, flock, foam rubber, down, and kapok are used for padding in modern upholstery, and woven fabrics, plastics, leather, and synthetic leather serve as coverings.
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Mike Darling with the record-breaking spotted ray he caught off Seaham pier; inset, Tony Crawford with his 8lb cod taken aboard Upholder
No matter how hard she tried to live up to the ideal of the perfect Jewish wifesupportive, modest, an upholder of shalom bayit, or "peace in the home"her husband responded with increasingly volatile and sometimes violent behavior.
The producer happened to be an upholder, the personality type most effective at forming good habits.
He said that the inaction of the international community and criminal silence of the proponents of human rights and organizations over the gross violations of the rights of Rohingya Muslims and their persecution and genocide raises serious questions about the utility and effectiveness of international forums that proclaim themselves as upholder, defender and promoter of human rights and democratic values.
She is the wife of a well-known French journalist, and she herself used to be a violent upholder of Syndicalism over the Channel.
A cop who is a staunch upholder of the law but drinks and drives.
supported the SSE systems on all UK submarines, as well as providing weapon handling and launch system (WHLS) and SSE design, initial acquisition and through-life support to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) submarine programmes including the Upholder, Trafalgar, Vanguard and Astute classes.
Pointing out that "the continuing detention without charge or trial of these men is contrary to basic principles of justice," MEPs also underlined that "the arbitrary detention is in clear breach of international law and that this severely undermines the United States' stance as an upholder of human rights".
Both belonged to top officials including a "grand upholder of the law" and an "inspector of the servants of the palace".
The two tombs belonged to high-ranking officials including a "grand upholder of the law" and an "inspector of the servants of the palace," according to their inscriptions.
And upholder of honour" Writer Stephen Fry's tribute on the 60th birthday of the human rights campaigner "No thank you, I am not a fan of the Lords.
Like his brother-in-law, a monk at the cathedral, he is an upholder of the old faith.