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general term for household fittings, hangings, curtains, cushions, and covers. It refers to stuffed, padded, and spring-cushioned furniture, such as chairs and sofas, or to the usually decorative materials and fabrics that cover them. The first furniture upholstery was probably leather, stretched on without padding. Italian Renaissance chairs were cushioned with leather, velvet, or embroidery; the French made ornate chairs covered with tapestries and embroideries; England developed upholstery in Elizabethan and Jacobean reigns. The use of springs is comparatively modern. Hair, fiber, flock, foam rubber, down, and kapok are used for padding in modern upholstery, and woven fabrics, plastics, leather, and synthetic leather serve as coverings.
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And upholsterers play a large part in this - shaping and covering furniture such as chairs, bedheads and sofas.
I chose upholstery and went to Wales to study under master upholsterer Myra Cazalet.
The official name of the job is "Curtain Maker and Soft Furnishing Upholsterer.
I got on to Staingard, who provided the policy, and they are sending out an upholsterer next week.
When he was little, his parents struggled and saved to secure him an apprenticeship and he eventually got taken on as an apprentice upholsterer.
Fantastic opportunity for skilled upholsterer to take over or someone who loves the fabric business.
How will an upholsterer, a textiles expert and a design guru help her turn a profit from this and the other items?
As an upholsterer, you would need to have the ability to take accurate measurements and work out amounts of materials, good attention to detail, practical skills and patience and perseverance.
Ask your local upholsterer for a price or get the look with loose chair covers from Plumbs.
Professional upholsterer Sheridan, who has clients in London, insists he doesn't make special trips to complete his public-spirited work, but fits it around business commitments.
You don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an upholsterer -- you can create a household treasure all on your own.
She had also worked as a weaver for Cluett Peabody and an upholsterer for Risom Furniture.