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general term for household fittings, hangings, curtains, cushions, and covers. It refers to stuffed, padded, and spring-cushioned furniture, such as chairs and sofas, or to the usually decorative materials and fabrics that cover them. The first furniture upholstery was probably leather, stretched on without padding. Italian Renaissance chairs were cushioned with leather, velvet, or embroidery; the French made ornate chairs covered with tapestries and embroideries; England developed upholstery in Elizabethan and Jacobean reigns. The use of springs is comparatively modern. Hair, fiber, flock, foam rubber, down, and kapok are used for padding in modern upholstery, and woven fabrics, plastics, leather, and synthetic leather serve as coverings.
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SIDON, Lebanon: Upholstering bed mattresses was once a prominent profession in south Lebanon which over time has faded away.
| Deborah Hall, of the Howlands Centre, |learns the fine art of upholstering from Tony Render, Shackletons operations manager
Our budget option is the Patrik swivel chair designed by Mia Gammelgaard, with 100 per cent red wool upholstering, lockable tilt action, is height adjustable and on castors, pounds 116, Ikea.