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For a gravity dam of 100 m, the foundation uplift pressure is approximately 20% of the dam weight under normal reservoir level and is therefore the main load for concrete gravity dams which directly influences the dam stability [10, 11].
It was observed that the section modeled by the Consultant (NESPAK, 2007) without considering drainage arrangement, the uplift pressure at point A and B (Fig.
When added to the underside of the roof deck InsulStar enhances the connection strength of the existing roof system, which helps mitigate the effects of wind uplift pressure, according to the company.
I applied approximately seven pounds of uplift pressure on the newly bedded forend tip and tested several five-shot groups using the same loads as those used prior to the work performed on this rifle.
In each case, FM Approvals testing must be done with simulated wind uplift pressure with the module attached to a test frame using a pleated air bag and with tensile loading of the fasteners/clips.
It also pointed out that the equipment installed by the Tamil Nadu government to measure the uplift pressure did not yield expected results, he said.
The report for the cause of the loss said, "It is our opinion that, more likely than not, the roof system was fractured under the increased stress from the increase uplift pressure during the storm.
The test showed that water--probably from irrigation--had swelled the clay soil, causing uplift pressure and the observed cracks.
Weidner, "Experiments on Uplift Pressure in Masonry Dams," Engineering News 70 (July 31, 1913): 202-205; Letter from Edward Godfrey, Engineering News 70 (Aug.
In reality, the wind uplift pressure is dynamic, and the response of the roofing structure is dynamic as well.