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Figure 13 is the selected uplifted nodes at the base mat for the standard case (HV case).
Figures 19 and 13 are the uplifted nodes at the base mat for H case and HV case, respectively.
Figures 13, 26, and 27 give the schematic diagrams of uplifted nodes under EL, Taft, and Songpan wave with the standard HV input, respectively.
Figures 28, 13, and 29 illustrate the schematic diagrams of uplifted nodes under the EL wave with the velocity of shear wave in soil of 400 m/s, 1100 m/s, and 2000 m/s, respectively.
It can be found that the vertical displacement is less than zero during all time, which means that the base mat was not uplifted during the earthquake.
The schematic diagram of uplifted nodes under the case of Bigger Modulus is given in Figure 32.
Earlier, the coastal area, parts of which were uplifted by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Bohol in 2013, was declared as a "geological monument" by the DENR by virtue of Administrative Order No.
The department order declares the uplifted coastal areas as a geological monument to provide a legal framework for the recognition, preservation and protection of the uplifted coast, as well as encourage further researches and studies on the monument for the advancement of geosciences in the country.
In a press statement by the regional DENR office, MGB officials will place 236 monuments or "mojons" at the uplifted coastal area, which covers 137 hectares or 1.37 kilometers of coastline.
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Harper's 1892 novel Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted is its dual climaxes.
Harper's lola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted." American Literary Realism 22.2 (1990): 44-53.