upper capital

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A member or supplementary capital resting on the top of the capital of a column; see impost block; also called a double capital.
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Custom Builders of Aspen was contracted in early 2006 to spearhead a permit submittal to the US Forest Service for permission to install control and measuring devices on the Finlay Ditch in the upper Capital Creek drainage.
We will also extend free personal care to those who need it by raising the upper capital limit before which councils can compel someone to sell their home to pay for care.
The conference also confirmed promises to extend free personal care for the elderly by raising the upper capital limit before people are compelled to pay for their care Concern was raised over the future of community pharmacies in the wake of Office of Fair Trading proposals to de-regulate the service,allowing supermarkets to open pharmacy branches more freely.
The upper capital limit above which a care home resident is expected to meet the full cost of his or her accommodation and personal care is pounds 23,250.