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discomfort during or after eating caused by some interference with the normal digestive process. Symptoms include nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, gas distress, and a feeling of abdominal distention. Common indigestion may be a result of poor eating habits, including eating too much or too rapidly, eating during emotional upsets, and swallowing large amounts of air. Excessive smoking may also be a factor. Certain foods and drinks may contribute to indigestion, including such gas-forming vegetables as beans, cabbage, and onions, as well as foods with a high fat content and carbonated or alcoholic beverages. Constipation may also be a cause. Indigestion may be a symptom of such conditions as ulcers and gall bladder inflammation. Persistent indigestion should be diagnosed by a physician.
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What does it mean when you dream about indigestion?

Indigestion in a dream can mean that something does not “sit well,” upsetting the dreamer the dreamer, who would like to be rid of the unwanted situation.

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Pygeum does appear safe to use, but it can cause upset stomach and headache in some people who take it.
One of the most iconic remedies for the array of symptoms caused by an upset stomach is Pepto-Bismoi.
He argued Sir Alex had an upset stomach and urgently needed the loo.
He is a man who enjoys words although he did get them confused not long ago when his was wife was suffering from an upset stomach. He went to the cupboard for kaolin and morphine.
Onuaku rounded out his performance with 19 points, four blocks and three steals after battling with an upset stomach.
Summary: Man claims he faces upset stomach if he doesn't consume sand
The fact that eludes many dog owners, however, is that humans, too, will experience an upset stomach if they eat the same thing for every meal for months, and then are suddenly fed something new.
28 (ANI): Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who was admitted to Sri Ganga Ram Hospital yesterday after she complained an upset stomach, was discharged today at 4 pm.
And that is why she feared accepting dinner invitations, because the end result would be the same-a queasy, upset stomach, rumbling noises from her tummy, nausea to the point of wanting to vomit.
It could just be an ( upset stomach , which is characterized by swelling or inflammation of the stomach lining and intestines, and can be caused by eating or drinking too much.
There's no real danger in working out too soon after eating, but too much activity right after a meal may give you an upset stomach. Be your own judge and listen to your body.
Avocado: It can cause an upset stomach, vomiting and laboured breathing and can even be fatal for dogs.