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a forging operation consisting of the deformation of a blank by partial swaging with the goal of creating isolated bosses by shortening the billet.

Upsetting is done in a heated or cold state. Hot upsetting is done on horizontal forging machines. Forged gears, valves, springs, rings, and shafts are made by hot upsetting. Cold upsetting is done on automatic cold upsetting machines and presses. Bolts and rivets are made by cold upsetting. Upsetting is distinguished from other stamping processes by the high productivity and accuracy of the forging (without flash). Upsetting with local contact heating of the billets in a stamp on an electrical upsetting machine, which makes it possible to obtain large-size bosses in a single pass, is be-coming widespread.


Suslov, P. V. Kuznechno-pressovoe oborudovanie. Moscow, 1956.




a forging process in which plastic deformation of a preheated blank is used to reduce the height and increase the cross-sectional area of the blank. Upsetting is used as a preliminary to drawing in order to improve the structural properties of the casting and to increase forgeability. It is also used as a preliminary operation before broaching or forging.

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The hot-forging operation by which the cross-sectional area of a metal bar or rod is increased locally.
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