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An enzyme that catalyzes the degradation of urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide; obtained from the seed of jack bean.
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(carbamide amidohydrolase), an enzyme of the hydrolase class that catalyzes the breakdown of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide. It is found in many bacteria and fungi and in some invertebrates, but is especially abundant in the seeds of such legumes as soybeans and jack beans. Urobacteria contain active urease. Urease was the first enzyme prepared in the crystalline state, by J. Sumner (1926). It is used for the quantitative determination of urea because of its high specificity.

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During 2nd year of the experiment, the activity of urase enzyme derived from the trend line (y = 0.040 x +0.036, R = 0.991) is shown in the Table 2, depicting that at the time of intercropping garlic in September 2010, green garlic (cv.G064) intercropping showed higher activity of enzyme but after intercropping the treatment of normal garlic cv.G026 showed upward trend and remained same till the harvesting of pepper crop followed by green garlic and the control.
''It was not a policy issue but a matter on which his character as a human has been called into question,'' Urase said.
All one can do is list a few randomly chosen examples, thus, one finds Broodkass identified along with Coffee creamer, Egg spaghetti, Gas law, Lime [material (calcium oxide; quicklime)], Muscovy duck, Pouchong, Semitendinosus, Sugar - preserving, Urase and Wensleydale cheese.