urban enterprise zone

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urban enterprise zone:

see enterprise zoneenterprise zone,
designated geographical district in which resident businesses are legally entitled to receive special benefits from a government, established in economically depressed areas to encourage companies to locate there.
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5 miles south of IKEA in the Urban Enterprise Zone, the site is just three-quarters of a mile from Exit 13 of the New Jersey Turnpike, Routes 1&9, and is within close proximity to Newark Airport and the Port Marine Terminal.
SPI wished to continue participating in New Jersey's Urban Enterprise Zone Program (UEZ), a program that encourages urban development by giving tax and regulatory incentives to businesses that operate within a distressed urban community," said Cohorsky.
Few programs have proven more successful than the NJ Commerce & Economic Growth Commission's nationally acclaimed Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) Program.
Located ten minutes from Newark International Airport, Port of New York/New Jersey users will benefit from the Urban Enterprise Zone and Foreign Trade Zone designations, proximity to abundant labor and excellent access for transportation, distribution and urban enterprise zoning.
We see that 100% Capital Allowances are being introduced in the largely urban enterprise zones championed by the Chancellor - it is a serious omission that rural areas are being denied similar fiscal incentives.
The department found 17 of the 40 companies involved in the mandatory program to write policies in the Urban Enterprise Zones are short of the state imposed goal, while 23 others already have met the requirement.
Are Proposed Kemp-Garcia Urban Enterprise Zones a Sound Approach to U.

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