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a type of summer spore found in fungi of the order Uredinalis. Urediospores function chiefly in the reproduction and distribution of the fungi.

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[17], and the results obtained by analyzing the spectral data demonstrated that the latently infected leaves could be distinguished from healthy wheat leaves as early as one day after artificial inoculation with the suspension of Pst urediospores. However, there are relatively few studies on the early quantitative detection of Pst in the incubation period of wheat stripe rust.
It has also been used to qualitatively identify urediospores of Pst and P.
Artificial inoculation by spraying urediospores of CYR 33 onto the surface of seedling leaves of Mingxian 169 was conducted to obtain the latently Pst-infected wheat leaves.
Urediospores of the Pst physiological race CYR33 were multiplied using a similar method as described by Cheng et al.
Using the artificial spray inoculation method described above, healthy wheat seedlings with the fully expanded first leaves were inoculated with a 0.15mg/mL spore suspension prepared with 3 mg harvested fresh urediospores of CYR33 and 0.2% Tween 80 solution.
Healthy wheat leaves, 3 mg of urediospores of Pst, and the latently Pst-infected wheat leaves after acquisition of near-infrared spectral data were used as samples for DNA extraction.
([paragraph]) Results of single-gene differential series (Thatcher background) determined on the basis of a mixture of urediospores collected in Oklahoma in May 1999; rating system according to Stakman et al.
At the two-leaf stage, the seedlings were uniformly inoculated with urediospores mixed with talc (1:20 v/v), placed in a dew chamber at 10[degrees]C for 24 h, and then transferred to a glass-enclosed growth chamber within a greenhouse.
A method of inoculating adult wheat plants with urediospores of Puccinia striiformis to measure components of resistance.